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REVIEWS: "Thank you very much for your CD, Creating Prosperity Attracting Money! We are enjoying this CD immensely. We have noticed the difference already in who we are meeting and the abundance that is pouring into our lives. I understand that this CD was actually created by you for your own personal use, at first. I can see now why your friends began pestering you for a copy when they saw how it works so effortlessly! We listen to it every day and it is so wonderful the way prosperity is now coming into our lives as a result. Thank you!" - Linda Thompson - Delight, Arkansas

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Creating Prosperity Attracting Money

Sheryl Preston
Preston-Beachwood, LLC
Box 532352
Kihei, HI 96753

Aloha! Welcome to! This website, with its series of positive affirmation self help CDs & MP3s, is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, aspirations and dreams!

Positive affirmations really work! They retrain and reprogram your subcouncious mind to begin knowing that your can achieve positive, permanent changes in your life.

People, family, friends and society all have a way of telling you since birth, what cannot be done. Some examples might be, "Money doesn't buy happiness"... "money is the root of all evil"... "you'll never make a living doing art or music"... and so on.

Think of how many times you have heard negative words and statements telling you what you cannot do? After many years, these words become your truths, if you do not defend yourself from them.

We cannot help but be influenced by those who constantly tear down the dreams and ambitions of dynamic, spiritually minded people. It is hard to be sensitive and have open hearts in a society that does not support your goals and your authentic self!

We all know the success stories of those famous and prosperous people who have made their dreams come true... they had courage of conviction and "knew" they were going to make their success.

But "knowing" is just half of the process. There is a secret that you don't hear too often, about how their "mind-set" and "self-assurance" influences others as well.

We cover that process... and reveal the secret... on our... How It Works page.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
We are confident that you will begin noticing changes in your life almost immediately after receiving any one of these audio programs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason your are not satisfied, simply return the program to us, undamaged, and we will refund your money, minus the shipping and handling charges.

What You Get... You receive our professionally mastered meditation CD, enclosed in a deluxe hard shell case, accompanied by our How To Use This CD guide, plus, the entire list of written affirmations.

The written affirmations can be used to follow along with the CD... or... can be read at times when not playing the CD, in order to reinforce the affirmations even further!

Create A Prosperity Circle...
Begin a Prosperity Circle - We offer quantity discounts for prosperity circles and seminars One of our most compelling aspects of our Prosperity CD, the flagship of our website so to speak, is that we began noticing the effects from playing it almost immediately. The changes that happened in our lives, did not go unnoticed by our friends and associates. They began asking us what we were doing differently. When we shared what we were doing, they immediately wanted copies, and soon after, everyone was calling everyone within our circle of friends to share the wonders of what was happening to us all. Thus, the prosperity circle was borne. offers quantity discounts for circle friends and seminars!

We highly recommend that as you begin attracting successful and prosperous people into your lives, you share with them your tools, such as the Creating Prosperity Attacting Money CD, along with any other resources that you are using. Have occassional meetings to discuss and share your stategies and successes. This will attract more prosperity and success, and increase your circle. offers discounts for your circle friends, so that you can easily share the wealth. Please stay in touch with us to share your success stories. We want to hear from you. Your feedback is very important to us!